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How to carry my husband's suits on the airplane without wrinkles?

We are going to travel long distance,We need to fugure out a way keep his suits from getting wrinkled.

Thank you!How to carry my husband's suits on the airplane without wrinkles?
Just carry them on and ask the stuardess to put in their closet for you. They have a compartment where they can hand stuff like that .How to carry my husband's suits on the airplane without wrinkles?
Most suits travel well. But here's what I do when I need to make sure. I put them in a garment bag with hangers exposed. Then I just put on my puppy dog look and ask the flight attendant if i can hang them in the closet right at the door of the plane. If you board at the middle door, then ask if they could hang them up in the first class closet. Or maybe you are traveling first class - which is no problem.

I have never been turned down. But -- I have a really good puppy dog look.
Dog pile it-- its got a lot of the answers.
You can get these really good suit carriers - go into a posh suit shop and ask to buy one. Then if I were you I'd take it on to the plane as hand luggage rather than carry it on.
My ex-husband wore suits all the time and travelled. The best bet is to have the hotel take care of the wrinkles. He could use the steam from the iron in the room though or just place them in the Bathroom and let the shower run on the hottest setting for 15 minutes.
Realistically, you can't. Best bet is to take clothing which is designed to be wrinkle-resistant.
I Travel alot and the easiest way i no is to just put it in a Garment Bag and fold it up and put it in a suit case it doesnt get wrikled and is easy to carry
just bring an ironer along....
put them in a suit carrier
place ice on top of them right before boarding
Roll them - and roll all clothes. They must be curled up over into a smooth roll. It's the only way.
Keep each suit in the light plastic bags dry cleaners use. Put them in a canvas garment bag and hang them in a locker.
put it in a plastic see throw glass that you carrier clothes in and shoes if you have a place for shoes to.
Is Wrinkle's your husband. You could leave him at home. (joke)

Just pack them with tissue paper in between where you fold, that should do it.

How old were you when u first started noticing wrinkles on your face?

I'm only 20 years old and I've already been noticing slight wrinkles on my forehead and around my eyes. Is this normal? How old were u when u first started noticing wrinkles?How old were you when u first started noticing wrinkles on your face?
I'm 20 too and I have really bad looking crow's feet around my eyes.How old were you when u first started noticing wrinkles on your face?
About 22 or 23. While in the Army, I spent a lot of time training in the sun and heat.
I'm 15 and I see a slight worry line in the middle of my forehead lol Lots of people my age have them too :/

What is a natural product to put on my face every night to help reduce/fight wrinkles?

I'm about to go to the health foods store. Any secret remedies that involve ingrediants to help stop wrinkles?What is a natural product to put on my face every night to help reduce/fight wrinkles?
Rose-Hip Oil. It works wonders for wrinkles, scars,and smoothing skin. Its vastly inproves the conditionand health of your skin. Rub in twice a day, morning and nightWhat is a natural product to put on my face every night to help reduce/fight wrinkles?
They are right about the oils. Most commercial skin creams contain cetal alcohol which dries out the face. I found Aveena Positively Ageless to be a good daytime cream but for some reason its a little harsh around the eyes.

Im 55, I believe that the oils and the messages work most of my magic. Report Abuse

Massaging thoroughly with essential oils will greatly counteract them and will rejuvenate skin and face. If apply in morning you can lightly wash off surplus only and get benefit all day.They are perfect natural moisturizers - you will need no other. Olive, almond, cypress are excellent. Oils feed skin health promoting nutrients that maintain or restore skin health and greatly help ward off aging and wrinkles . It's best to tighten face before massage. Do by tightening face muscles. Like all body muscles if not exercised or conditioned they weaken as we age and that is a significant cause of sagging which leads to wrinkling and lines. Massage will exercise them and tighten, firm and tone skin and also give it a healthy, vital glow. For most effective results massage for a few minutes each day. Even the first day you will see dramatic results.To avoid harm and skin aging by sunscreens first apply oils, lightly wash with just water, tissue dry and apply sunscreen on top. Surprisingly it is as equally, if not more protective. I am often in intense sun for hours and with just one application of SPF 15 I never burn nor even tan. G.

SOURCE(S):20+ years research - safe, natural treatments %26amp; cures of skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging, rejuvenation treatments.
I would go to your skin doctor and ask this. But, you can pry try Olay, or the new Neutrogena anti wrinkle cream! Neutrogena is dermatologist recommended anyway, so why not!

How do I get wrinkles out of rayon/polyster fabric?

The lable in the dress says dry clean only No Iron I need to get wrinkles out. I don't know if I can steam it or if the water will hurt itHow do I get wrinkles out of rayon/polyster fabric?
keep it on a hanger put in bathroom run the shower for a little while maybe 3 min turn off shower let it keep hanging the wrinkles are usually gone in about 5 to 10 minHow do I get wrinkles out of rayon/polyster fabric?
hang them up outside and let the wind do it
that's why I never buy Rayon, I hate it
You can steam it, just let it sit for a while after you do so the moisture disolves and it cools down. You can steam anything except silk, suede and leather.
You can use the iron on a medium setting with steam. Just be careful not to set the iron in one spot for too long. I'm a seamstress and I work with all types of fabric. Just be careful, that's the key.

What can the wrinkles in the back of neck mean?

I am bald, and shave my head daily. My avatar has hair but it's only a picture.

Area where bald men get wrinkles close to the neck area, I have what looks like an image of Virgin Mary according to my friends.

Could I be blessed? Is it a miracle?

I'm not a Catholic, but could I make some money off this minor miracle of my wrinkled bald head?What can the wrinkles in the back of neck mean?
Take a picture of it, and send it to the news!

They love stories like this!!!

You could be on the cover of Yahoo! tomorrow!

Yes, you probably are blessed with or without the Virgin Mary on the back of your neck.

It's probably a funny coincidence. Funny being the key word here.

Seriously, take a picture and see what happens. You must have some funny friends!!!


Have a wonderful day!!What can the wrinkles in the back of neck mean?
i think your blessed :)

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  • Is anyone getting wrinkles from sleeping on your face?

    I'm 23 and getting bad eye wrinkles from sleeping on my stomach and face for years. I can't fall asleep without being on my stomach? Does anyone else have this problem and did you learn how to fall asleep on your back? Any other tips for getting rid of the wrinkles?Is anyone getting wrinkles from sleeping on your face?
    Don't worry about it. There are many other things that are helping you get prematurely wrinkled - and you can certainly do something about them.

    The biggest culprits are what we apply to the skin. So many products are severely skin harming and skin aging. I suffered from serious skin harm that stopped when I stopped using them.

    I use only very mild cleansers and no other products and daily massage with essential oils. I like almond, grape seed and olive. It has restored skin to complete health and has greatly reversed skin aging and diminished wrinkles and inhibited others from forming.

    I am often thought to be many years younger than I am. See my many other answers giving very detailed wrinkle removing treatments. Some have answers from happy users saying how they had also benefited. Mukunda

    SOURCE(S): 20 + years research, experimentation - safe natural treatments/cures for skin conditions and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments

    What avon cream is best for very dry skin and wrinkles?

    My skin is very dry and have used several moisturing creams but have to use large amount to feel like it is on my skin.Also my skin needs tighting and i am over age 54.What do you recommend? Are there moisture firming creams?What avon cream is best for very dry skin and wrinkles?
    Anything you simply apply to skin is going to do very little if anything at all. Firming creams do not help and many moisturizers simply are a waste of money. Also many ridiculously expensive designer skin products have so many skin harming, skin aging ingredients. Some users reported they have caused itchy, blistery skins, rashes, bumps and even acne.(You can verify with a Google search). And some have been pulled from the market in France because of cancer causing concerns. This simple safe treatment uses low cost essential oils which benefit skin in countless ways. Olive or coconut oils are excellent for dry skin. They feed skin beneficial nutrients and if you thoroughly massage into skin you will see the results even in one day. Skin will tighten, start to glow and look and feel smoother. You have to tighten skin where you massage (I give exact ways to do this in my many other answers) and in doing so it beneficially exercises and conditions many of face muscles and thus counteracts muscle weakening which leads to sagging and wrinkles and lines. At same time skin is being firmed, smoothed and conditioned by massage. This is the best treatment to revitalize and even rejuvenate entire face. It can quickly and safely not just fade wrinkles a little but greatly minimize them. I give exact instructions on how to treat in other answers (or email me for more info.) I have testimonials from happy users.

    SOURCE(S): 20+ years research into safe natural treatments/cures of skin, scalp and hair problems and anti aging/rejuvenation treatmentsWhat avon cream is best for very dry skin and wrinkles?
    You can massage your skin with pure olive oil regularly 15-20 minutes before shower .Olive oil is best for dry skin and wrinkles, moreover it is natural .
    Avon's Anew Retroactive Night Cream. It has a really nice aromatic scent too. I love it. I've used it for years. Click on the link I've listed, below.
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